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About Rugby Union

Rugby Union

About Rugby Union

Rugby Union, also commonly referred to simply as rugby, is an organized close contact team sport that originally originated in England in the late first half of the nineteenth century. One of the two major codes of rugby, it relies on constant running with the ball on the ground. The game is played with ten men on each team. While playing, the players take turns to kick the ball through a goal or into an empty goal.

In order to play rugby union, a standard ball is used, which has been approved by the RFU and the World Rugby governing body. Unlike many other team sports, the standard ball does not have any back, sides or corners. The object of rugby union is to kick the ball forward using both feet. This is done by moving from side to side, along with rotating the legs to push the ball forward with the strongest leg. Because this game is played using only the feet, it is considered one of the easier sports to learn.

Two teams are selected for each year’s world cup tournament. The winner of each respective tournament then moves onto the next round, which is usually held in away matches. As one of the most popular international sports, around the world, more teams are becoming interested in joining the sport of rugby union. As the sport becomes more popular around the world, there is an increased demand for the teams to join international tournaments. Those teams that are interested in joining the world cup, are required to train for a season in the United Kingdom, before they can qualify for the world cup.

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