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Rugby Union – A Team Sport

Rugby Union

Rugby Union – A Team Sport

Rugby Union, more commonly called by its fans as ‘rugby’, is a contact team sport originating in England in the early half of the nineteenth century. One of the two official codes of rugby, it differs from its rival league soccer by having two centres, rather than the three used in regular soccer. The game is played with a ball made of wool or cotton. The main rules of rugby union are very simple. Apart, from the scoring happenings the game also involves a lot of physical contact which may cause some injuries.

Since the game of rugby union is an energetic sport and involves a lot of running and jumping the players need to be in good shape and strong so that they can withstand the physical contact. It is not easy to become a good player in this sport as all players have to be fit and have stamina. Apart from being fit, they also need to be alert and attentive. The game of rugby union involves a lot of running and is played in a square field. The game of rugby league is more aggressive and involves a ball that has a long flight, whereas the game of rugby union is more relaxed and is played in a neutral ground.

As the game of rugby union is a team sport, the top players are known as the captain and vice-captain. The team wins the game when it scores more goals than the other teams. The game is played at a single pitch and the teams alternate players. Unlike soccer, no boots are worn by players in rugby union; instead they wear jerseys that have a single strip on them. The game is considered to be slow and takes a lot of time to complete.

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