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Rugby Union – A Touch of Elegance

Rugby Union

Rugby Union – A Touch of Elegance

Rugby Union, also known as rugby-rugby, is an old close contact team sport that originated in England in the early half of the nineteenth century. One of two international codes of rugby, it is mainly based around running with the ball. It has the added feature of playing for extra yards or “line-out” after the ball has been run. It is played in a single centre circle and is played with eleven players on each side of this circle, with three props available for each side.

The game of rugby union can be divided into several divisions, such as the senior league, the amateur national league, the top division of the amateur, Scottish league and the provincial league of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Each of these divisions has its own rules and regulations and the playing conditions and standards are quite different from one another. The main differences are in terms of equipment, rules and discipline. Referees are either referees or assistants and play an important role in controlling the game.

A typical game of rugby union involves seven minutes of play. During these seven minutes, five forwards and three backs are allowed to play with the ball. The ball is usually played by the central defender who plays the role of the wing. Usually three fifteen-minute breaks are allowed between each half of play.

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