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US Sport Academy

As one of the founding members of the US Sports Academy, a group of high school students in McKinney, TX strive to promote academic excellence, sportsmanship and teamwork through events like the Frisbee. Although the sport of Frisbee is currently played internationally, the original game was actually played between two teams in 1875. Since that time, the game has evolved into a very exciting and unique sporting event with several different versions. One of the most interesting versions is the US Sportathlon which pits two teams of athletes against each other in a timed obstacle course. Competitors must complete hurdles, jumps, twists and turns within a time limit or the team loses.

US Sport

The Frisbee has been the object of much speculation over the years. Some people believe it to be a copy of a game called “Frisbee” that was invented in the United States, although this has been proven to be inaccurate. Most experts now agree that the name Frisbee is a combination of a game called “Frisbee” and the word fly. In fact, the original game was developed with a golf ball and a plastic disc. Today, the Frisbee can be used much like a Frisbee with a small ball and a little rubber band attached to the end.

Each team takes turns being the “Home Team” and whenever a member of the Home Team hits the opponent with the Frisbee, the opposing team gets a point. Once the game is over, players may choose to stay on their team and take the points scored by their team and receive a penalty. However, if a player chooses to quit before the game is over, he forfeits his points and the game will begin again the next day with the same team. There are many rules governing the activity, such as how many points the team can receive or how long they have to wait before being released. Each team member is also required to wear a uniform that corresponds to the game’s league.

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