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Rugby Union – A Citation Needed Article!

Rugby Union

Rugby Union – A Citation Needed Article!

Rugby Union, also known as a rugby-ball, is an inter-collegiate team sport that originated in England in the mid-first half of the nineteenth century. One of two competing codes of rugby, it’s based around running with the ball on your feet. As well as this, it’s also known as “tennis with your head” owing to the rough surface many players will use. Unlike football, which is played with a ball on a flat surface, rugby Union was created with a specific purpose in mind, namely to create a playing surface that would be friendly to players. Because of this, some say it’s one of the hardest sports to play, but interestingly, there are numerous benefits to playing this game, not least of which being its clear success in raising the standard of play in professional teams.

In 184, Dr. Samuel Lowe introduced what we call the “game of love” or more commonly referred to today as “rugby” to the English rugby league. He suggested that the game be played with a “rosse ball”, a wicker basket used in other sports such as cricket and soccer. The idea was that the object of rugby union should be to “give”. Although many of the pioneers of modern day rugby ball considered themselves “professionals”, many were novices who found the game played by amateurs much easier than the professionals.

The first official rugby union tournament was played in the United States in 1875, with teams from Ireland, Scotland, and New Zealand playing against those from Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. The game has continued to grow in popularity ever since, with many teams playing regularly throughout the world. Today, almost anyone can play the game, although the men’s and women’s sections tend to be separated by gender. Many schools also offer their own competitive programs for students who wish to play.

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