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US Sport Research Finds That Males Gain Leisure Time While Women Enjoy Fitness More

US Sport

US Sport Research Finds That Males Gain Leisure Time While Women Enjoy Fitness More

US Sport is the governing body for the National Hockey League in the United States, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and its 29 teams. A US Sport representative or member is responsible for maintaining communication lines between players, coaches, arenas, equipment managers, athletic directors and athletic management, and other members of the sport’s various organizations. In addition, each month, US Sport holds an equipment meeting in Washington, DC, to share information on sports equipment and trends in the US Sport league.

According to polls held by US Sport, hockey is the favourite sport of Americans, with basketball and football coming in close second and third. Another interesting trend noticed in the US Sport surveys is that football is the most popular sport among male and female adults, followed by basketball and baseball. Another interesting finding from the US Sport polls is that more than three-quarters (nearly three hundred sixty percent) of Americans think ice hockey is their favourite sport in America. Further analysis indicates that Americans who identify with a particular sport are more likely to show up at games, watch more television programs about that sport, and purchase more sports products.

An intriguing statistic from US Sport’s survey reveals that over half (Nighty Six) of the seven hundred and sixty-five schools in the league have a football program. This statistic is particularly interesting, as football is one of the most popular sports for kids to play. According to the same survey, almost one in four (17%) of high school athletes in the US engage in football. Football has a strong collegiate following among young people in the United States, as over three-quarters (nighty six hundred fifty) of those participating in Division I athletic programs have a chance of playing football at some point in their lives. One additional interesting finding in US Sport’s survey is that football is the most popular winter sport, accounting for twenty percent of the sports participation among twelve to twenty-four-year-olds. Other sports which are particularly popular during the winter months include ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, and ice dancing.

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