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The Game of Rugby Union

Rugby Union, also called simply rugby, is a contact sport that originally originated in England in the mid-nineteenth century. One of two codes of rugby (rugby for knitwear), it’s all about running with the ball occasionally with a hook or a tap. It’s a contact sport, which has both offence and defence. Although, there are three props in every tackle; the try-assisted, the try-blocker and the player who try the conversion. The try-blocker, often times referred to as a “muller” is responsible for bringing down the scrum-half who is trying to kick the ball through the goalposts.

Rugby Union

Rugby Union was created to remedy some of these issues in play. It was designed with one centre for the offense and two props for the defence. So, the forwards would be able to drive the ball down the field quickly and get their scores through tackle or turnover. The back three would play the same way, but only have two backs instead of three. So, when a tackle or turnover occurred, a replacement prop was called out to replace him or her and thus keep things flowing. Also, the game was not as stressful on the back three because they had so many other players to cover for them.

The game of rugby union is played with a standard ball. However, there are several slight variations to how the ball is scored. Some trysts use a rugby ball, which is longer and heavier than the standard ball. Other players use rugby balls, which are smaller and more difficult to hit than the standard ball. Regardless, the standard ball is used for the majority of competitions.

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