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US Sport and American International Sport Leadership

There is some controversy today slot demo pragmatic play about whether or not the United States of America will compete in the Olympics of the world in the near future. Some members of the country’s Congress have said that the United States should not be a member of the United Nations while others say that the US needs to join the world organization in order for it to have an opportunity to compete at a higher level internationally. If the US does not join the IAEA then it will not be able to join any international sporting events that are sanctioned by the United Nations. The US was one of the first Olympic nations to sign on the dotted line when the IAEA was formed and now it must prove its worth as a signatory nation to compete against nations like Russia, India, China, Germany and Japan in the World Games.

US Sport

Some sports fans in the US may not want the US to participate in the Olympics because they feel that the country is not ready for that kind of commitment from its athletes. Still, US officials have downplayed the importance of the US participating in the Olympics. Secretary of state Hilary Clinton has said publicly that she sees the world of sports as a team sport where the best athletes are placed. She also said that the US is interested in supporting the athletes who are willing to represent their country. If the US wants to be known as a leading nation in the world in the arena of sport then the country has to show its mettle at the Olympic games and work hard so that it can become a signatory nation to the IAEA.

The US has some of the most talented athletes and some of the best sports teams but it has never been able to show that it is capable of beating out other countries in international competition. It needs time and patience to develop its own game plan for the Olympics and if it wants to win medals in the sport of track and field it has to work very hard over the next four to five years. It is a very competitive field with many strong teams and each team is expected to perform at a high level. If the US wants to stay a signatory to the IAEA then it will need to nurture its basketball team and send some of its best athletes to represent the US in the Olympic games. The world of US sport will be interesting to watch over the coming years.

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